Todd Waldron is an Austin-based film composer, audio engineer and technologist.  He has worked in the local film industry since 2006, composing music for original scores, and providing location and post-production sound services for film.

Todd is a lover of film, story-telling, and is a skilled musician and recording engineer.  His approach to composing is organic, and seeks to be artistically authentic while always serving the story.  He prefers to use real instruments and organic sound sources in his compositions to create soundscapes rich in depth, color, tone and texture.

As an audio engineer Todd has an extensive array of top of the line microphones, pre-amps and recording devices to capture pristine production and location sound, along with a toolkit of software utilities and plug-ins to problem-solve in post.  On set Todd is an experienced boom operator, sound recordist and sound mixer.  Todd has engineered sound for entire film projects, from on-location production to the final mix, including sessions for VO, ADR, Foley, Sound Design and Scoring.  In 2018 Todd entered the VR Audio space by engineering his first VR Audio recording for the Austin Classical Guitar Youth Orchestra.  

Todd holds a Bachelor of Music in Performance (Classical Guitar) from West Texas A&M University, and a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems from St. Edward's University.


Photographer: Jennifer Townshend

Musician: Todd Waldron 

Location: St. Martin's Lutheran Church - Austin Texas

Score Recording Session: The Vessel, 2013

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